Due to the prevailing Covid-19 situation, we have chosen to adapt part of the production to manufacture hygiene / disposable aprons. The aprons are antistatic, Swedish-made and meet the requirements for RoHS-Reach. We deliver to Sweden's municipalities and county councils and export on request. The standard colors are white and blue, see below what sets them apart. The quality is the same. 

 The apron is CE approved according to declaration of conformity without sleeve and declaration of conformity with sleeve

White aprons:

Dimensions 700x1350 

Packed 300pcs / carton

25 cartons / pallet = 7500 aprons


Blue Aprons:

Dimensions 900x1350

Packed 200pcs / carton

25 cartons / pallet = 5000 aprons.


Delivery time as agreed. 


Please contact Frans Dahlqvist for more information


+46 (0)371 837 22

+46 (0)70 8837 022