About Cookies

General information about cookies
A cookie is a small text file stored on the device you are browsing, such as a computer or mobile phone. This site uses cookies to simplify the use of our services and to collect statistics and information about how the site is used to monitor and improve design and content. The site's cookies usually contain no information directly linked to you as a person, but may contain information that can be linked to your device and browser. However, some personal information may be stored if you visit it via our newsletter. If so, you will receive additional notifications about the newsletter. The IP number and cookie ID stored may be personal data and you are entitled to know when websites use cookies, the purpose of the use, and how to delete them.

If you do not accept cookies
If you don’t want to accept cookies, your browser may be set to automatically deny cookies, or you will be notified each time a site requests to store a cookie. With the help of your browser you can also delete previously stored cookies. How to change the settings and delete cookies is described in your browser's help pages.

Personal data
As a user, you need to consent to our management of cookies on the site. Consent means a deliberate consent and can be revoked by deleting cookies in your browser. If you are a recipient of our newsletter, there is more information on how we can help you remove any personal data. The data may be processed in third countries and / or by subcontractors. We will not transfer your information to third parties.

Cookies from external services
When linking to external features such as Youtube, Vimeo, Apsis and eMarketeer cookies from these websites may be activated in the browser. For more information see their respective website.