The adhesive free option from Gislaved Folie!


Gislaved Folie has since 2018 developed and produced a protection carpet whose primary objective is to protect underlying floor structures. Our carpet has also provided good results from use in the players corridors or in the areas of the substitutes' bench at rinks and arenas.

Our customers have provided us with their feedback and the results have been outstanding. This proved that Protego both protects and extends the lifespan of the underlying floor structure.

Protego is one of a kind and not like any other protection carpets on the market. Even if Protego has a thin appearance you will notice that it is a strong and long-lasting product. It is also easy to clean and keep fresh. It is easy to install and no expertise is required. To install it you simply roll it out on the floor and once you have applied it, it will stay put. The protective carpet is held in place by friction between the underlying floor surface and the weight of the product.

Protego is 1200mm wide and can be delivered in 5, 10, 12 or 20 metre roll lengths. The colour is “normally” grey (RAL 7037) and the structure/ grain is rough length ways lines which also help you during your cleaning of the area in which Protego is installed. As a manufacturer of plastics and with total focus on the environment Protego is produced with 70% of recycled material from our own production. The rubber modified surface also gives Protego a long-life usage.

If you are looking for a new protection carpet, please do not hesitate to contact us for an offer. We are at your service!

Please contact Frans Dahlqvist for more information.